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Ohio doctors: 20% of positive COVID-19 cases linked to delta variant


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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Recent data shows that 20% of all positive cases in the state of Ohio are due to the new delta variant.

One in five positive cases in the state have been linked to the variant.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are worried about the spread of the new variant.

Professionals in the medical field are warning people about the new variant and how it differs from the original version of the virus.

“We know that it’s more transmissible, similar to Alpha. It looks like it causes more disease, more severe disease,” said Dr. Daniel Rhoads of the Cleveland Clinic.

With a higher rate of transmission, doctors are pushing vaccinations more than ever.

About 48% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated.

While the summer months have bought the country more time, Rhoads warns that the delta variant may cause problems leading into fall.

The new variant spreads much faster than the original virus.

Though there is a chance that people fully vaccinated can still get the coronavirus, you are still much better off than if you weren’t vaccinated.

“Some people who are fully vaccinated can get infected more with the Delta variant than the original variant. It doesn’t cause as severe a disease in people who are vaccinated and it keeps them out of the hospital very well,” said Dr. Rhoads.

Yesterday, Pfizer announced they plan to ask the FDA for emergency authorization for a COVID-19 booster shot in August.

Rhoads says that things are good for you if you are vaccinated and that the virus is going to continue to change, but not at a fast enough rate that makes your current vaccine useless.

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