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Nugget of Knowledge: New baby smell


Over 250 chemicals makes up the smell of a newborn, according to one scientist

(WYTV) – Ever get close to a newborn baby and inhaled deeply?

You won’t be able to identify exactly what it is you’re smelling, but it is a “new baby smell.”

Why is it there?

That new baby smell could help a mother identify her baby more easily, similar to how babies can identify their mothers by smell almost immediately.

Most mothers can identify their babies by smell alone. In fact, we’ve found that any woman smelling a newborn’s clothes will have the pleasure center in her brain light up.

Fathers benefit, too.

Fathers who smelled their newborns showed a drop in testosterone. They take on a feminine, protective side.

What is that new baby smell?

We think it’s a combination of amniotic fluid, bacteria, breast milk and other ingredients. One scientist told “The Washington Post” that it was a combination of 250 chemicals.

Recreating it may be very unlikely.

So, the next time you discover some old baby clothes and smell detergent, soap and fabric, don’t be surprised if you also remember the baby’s scent from memory. It’s evolutionary.

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