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(WYTV) – The following are foreign phrases and their meanings:

Cosa Nostra (co-sah nostra… Italian)

It literally means “our thing,” or the American arm of the Mafia. The phrase was coined by the boss of bosses in New York in the 1930s to describe the U.S. branch of the Mafia.

Coup De Grace (coo de grass…. French)

It’s the final move that finishes the matter or the issue once and for all.

Denouement (day noo mon… French)

It’s the conclusion, or the ending — how the story wraps up — or the punch line to the joke.

Deus Ex Machina (day-us ex makinah… Latin)

It means God from a machine, a God-given answer to a problem, an amazing solution that no one was expecting.

Derriere (derry air… French)

The word means buttocks or bottom. It’s a polite substitute for the plain English “behind” or “bum.”

Du Jour (doo jorr… French)

This means of the day, of the moment.

En Masse (on mass… French)

The phrase means all together, in a body.

Ennui (onwee… French)

It means boredom, weariness — a little more impressive than fed up.

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