Niles cleans up after Wednesday flooding


Two homes reported interior damage from the flood, but everyone is safe

NILES, Ohio (WYTV – Small puddles and some relocated dirt is left from flooding at Eastwood Mall on Wednesday, but no interior damage was reported in the stores.

Local Bob Evans manager Bobby Taylor said he is lucky the damage wasn’t worse and it should be a quick clean-up.

“We’re dealing with the clean-up, we’re dealing with the guests that we lost because they couldn’t get into our driveway. Other than that, everything is good on the inside,” Taylor said.

Eastwood Mall Property spokesperson Joe Bell said drain overloads were to blame for the storm.

He sent out a statement, saying there has been no indications of blockage in the drains and they will check the system further over the coming days.

Across the street, at Buckeye Mobile Home Park, neighbors said they were minutes away from the flood causing house damage.

Resident Michael Clark, who is cleaning up from Wednesday, said he fears every time it rains because his house is downhill.

“Whenever it rains, it all settles into here. When it does flood, it’s almost like a perfect circle from over there, to the middle of the intersection, all the way to the backyards,” Clark said.

Two homes reported interior damage from the flood, but everyone is safe.

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