Men accused of impersonating officers said they were doing their jobs

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Two brothers who are accused of impersonating police officers appeared before a judge Tuesday. The men said they were just doing their jobs.

Police arrested the men early Sunday morning at the Southern Tavern bar on Glenwood Avenue in Youngstown. According to a police report, Quin Willis sprayed a crowd at the bar with mace.

He and his brother, Milton Willis, told officers they work for the Special Police Constable State — a group that the Youngstown Police Department is familiar with.

Both Milton and Quin appeared before a judge for video arraignment on Tuesday.

Milton is charged with having a gun in a place that sells liquor and impersonating an officer. Quin faces the same charges, as well as assault.

Police said the brothers were carrying a gun, handcuffs, a taser, and a baton during the time of their arrest.

“Performing and working in his constable duties as a peace officer, serving and protecting the establishment’s employees and management,” said LaRoy Dock, the owner of the Special Police Constable State, which is considered a business in Ohio.

The Willis brothers presented identification, saying they worked as law enforcement for the establishment, to officers.

“I feel personally, we aren’t breaking any laws. It’s a charter for business, it’s a charter for profit,” Dock said.

Ohio’s Department of Public Safety said the Special Police Constable State is not registered with them.

“If they’re providing security services for a fee in the State of Ohio, they have to have a license from us,” said Geoff Dutton, Private Investigator Security Guard Services.

Impersonating a police officer is a felony charge.

Both men did not plea in court today. Quin Willis also did not plea to his assault charge.

Their bonds are set at $10,000.

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