McHenry Industries in Austintown sees employment improve business


McHenry wants to keep growing and interested in expanding even more

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – On Friday, the U.S. said job growth has jumped last month as employers added 266,000 people to payrolls. That’s far more jobs than were expected to be added.

Unemployment dropped to 3.5 percent.

By taking a look locally, these numbers can be better explained.

McHenry Industries in Austintown makes signs for businesses, many that are well recognized.

McHenry and its need for more workers were featured on WKBN in October during JobsNow and it helped them find and add them during November.

“Oh, it was fantastic. We were able to add 17, 18 jobs. We added a night shift of eight people that helped us keep production going throughout the evening. Helped shorten our lead times, speed up our deliveries to customers. It’s been fantastic,” said Ron Musilli, Jr. or McHenry Industries.

A big benegit cam in the department where McHenry makes letters seen on shopping plazas.

“We were able to double up what we were doing in our channel letter area on day shift, building at night. It’s been tremendous. It helped our customers out a great deal, and we’ve been able to take on more work because of it,” Musilli said.

Musilli says this is the busiest McHenry Industries has been in 40 years, and business is off and running for the first quarter of 2020 with some nice projects waiting to be made.

“We’ve got some changeover, some customers are going to be doing some rebranding that we’re already involved in. At least through next summer, we feel this is sustainable,” Musilli said.

The new hires have increased McHenry’s workforce to 77.

What the new hires are costing in pay and benefits, McHenry hopes it leads to three or even four times in revenue.

A sign can make all the difference for a business. The job growth is showing workers that their jobs and incomes are pretty secure.

“All of our employees are fantastic. We appreciate everything that they’ve done. They’ve helped build what we are today and they’ll continue to help build what we’re growing into tomorrow,” Musilli said.

McHenry wants to keep growing and interested in expanding even more.

They’re still hiring.

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