Lordstown Motors, Camping World announce joint venture, plans for all-electric RV


They held a joint press conference at 4 p.m. today

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Lordstown Motors Corp. CEO Steve Burns and Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis announced a joint venture between the two companies on Tuesday.

First, Camping World will provide the service operations for the Lordstown Motors’ all-electric pick-up, which will start to be produced in September.

Camping World will do this through its 170 locations throughout the United States.

“We really started looking at what it would take to roll out service of our own, versus could we leverage somebody that’s really good at this already, already has a national footprint and has been doing this a long time. And that’s when we found Camping World,” Burns said.

Camping World technicians will undergo intensive training, and Lemonis says he hopes to be ready to service Endurances by next summer and start production in September.

“We will need some training from the staff that’s here, across the country. We have our call center that’s already set up. Our plan is to be ready to service vehicles in a mock environment by June,” Lemonis said.

Lordstown Motors will provide batteries for tow behind camping trailers, making them more electrified.

“So whether it’s figuring out the appropriate battery pack that allows this travel trailer to be off-grid anywhere in America, to not rely on a generator that creates a lot of noise and a lot of emissions,” Lemonis said.

The two companies are also working to make an electric RV. For that, Lordstown Motors plans to not only build the batteries but also assemble the entire vehicle at the Lordstown plant.

“As the RV industry continues to gain popularity, we needed a partner with a 6.5 or 6.2 or however many millions square feet there are with a solid labor force in the great state of Ohio, and a beautiful factory that allows those things to come to flourish,” Lemonis said.

Lemonis added, “This idea that it’s a hundred and some odd thousand dollars isn’t realistic for the millennials that we believe are the future of our industry.”

They even talked about the possibility of having Camping World sell Lordstown Motors products, but that deal hasn’t been made yet.

When asked how many jobs this will create, Burns did not have an exact number but says the plan is to have more people working there than General Motors did in its heyday.

The full announcement can be seen in the video above.

Lemonis’ parents were from Campbell. They moved to Miami and adopted him — he’s from Lebanon. He spent many a summer visiting his Campbell relatives.

“My cousin used to take me out at night to the Canfield Fair after he would get off his line making cavaliers or whatever else he made here,” Lemonis said.

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