Group of YSU faculty, students hold vaccine choice demonstration

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As politicians debate mandating vaccinations against COVID-19, a group of students and faculty at Youngstown State University want people to have a choice in the matter.

The protesters gathered outside Tod Hall on campus Monday, many of them carrying signs.

Leaders say they believe getting vaccinated should be a personal decision, not one enforced by the government, the university or its union leaders.

“Individuals make their own decisions every day. How you drive your car, whether you wash your hands, what you do with your diet, so individual choice is really what makes America flourish,” said YSU professor Mike Costarell. “What decisions you make for your family — the fact that the government or a university should tell you what to think and how to think is really outside of our purview.”

The group was also gathering signatures. They hope to make their case to the University’s Academic Senate early next month.

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