YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Police Monday released partial 911 recordings and a partial report of an officer-involved shooting Thursday on the South Side.

Ricco Acevedo, 45, was killed after police were called about 10 a.m. to a house in the 4300 block of Helena Avenue for a burglary call.

Police have not released many details of the shooting, except to say Acevedo was shot inside the home and no other officers were injured.

The state Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation is handling the actual shooting investigation while a separate investigation by the department’s Internal Affairs Division is being done to make sure the department’s own policies and procedures had been followed.

Police have not named the officer or officers who fired their weapons, but an officer’s name was redacted on the police report and his radio traffic from that day was also redacted.

In the recordings, the mother of the homeowner calls police and asks for officers to respond to the home, which belongs to her son, who is presently in the Mahoning County Jail.

“Somebody’s breaking into the house and I’m right here in front of the house,” she tells a call taker. “I saw him coming down the stairs, but I’m not going in there. They stole the truck out of there last night. The gate is all — it’s a mess.”

The call taker tells the woman she is right for not going inside the home and tells her to wait for police.

“Could somebody come?” she asks. “Sheesh. I’m scared to death over here.”

The call taker tells her officers are on the way and she asks the woman where her son is.

“He’s incarcerated,” the woman answers. “They’ve been having a field day at his house.”

“I’m scared to death,” she added later. “I don’t know what to do.”

Two cars, 204 and 210, are sent to the house to answer the call. A third car, Car 206, is sent moments later as a backup. The report says the officers found a man inside the home who “was giving false information to officers to avoid identifying himself.”

The reports said moments later the 911 Center was advised shots had been fired and an ambulance and supervisor were needed.

Officers on the scene were telling dispatchers to have the ambulance “expedite,” according to the recordings.

“Send us some cars,” one of them said.

The dispatcher then calls for other cars to head to the home. About a half hour later, most of them are told to go back on the road and to handle calls.

There were no recordings released of the officer who fired the shots.

WKBN has also requested bodycam footage. Staff Inspector Lt. Brian Butler said that for now, that footage is not being released because the shooting is still under investigation.

When BCI completes its investigation, the results will be given to the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office for review.