YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A memo released Monday afternoon from Youngstown Law Director Jeff Limbian to Mayor Tito Brown was supportive of former downtown events director Terrill Vidale. But city councilman Julius Oliver said Limbian and the mayor are lying — and wants to know where they got their facts.

On January 15, Youngstown City Council voted unanimously to not renew Vidale’s contract. Oliver said at the time, Vidale breached his contract.

But in the memo, Limbian said claims of a breach were inaccurate and there was ever-increasing attendance at city events. Limbian said Vidale did fine work for the city.

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Limbian wrote, “Mr. Vidale successfully completed his responsibilities and complied with all aspects of the contract.”

Oliver told us Monday night that the mayor and Limbian are lying.

“They totally made that up,” he said. “Part of [Vidale’s] job description was to report quarterly to city council. He never did. He was also required to be at every downtown event and he was not at every event. I want to see their facts to support their claim.”

We tried contacting Vidale but haven’t heard back.