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Youngstown neighbors tired of waiting for city reimbursement following flood damage

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While the mess has been cleaned, neighbors have not heard how much the city will pay

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A handful of neighbors on Youngstown’s south side are stuck waiting for the city to help them pay for damage done to their homes a month ago.

Five neighbors living on Pinehurst Avenue awoke to find filthy water filling their basements. They say it happened after a city water line around the corner broke, sending tons of mud and debris into the storm sewers.

While the mess has been cleaned, neighbors have not heard how much the city will pay, but the bills are already piling up.

“You know, like everybody else, we are at a loss. We don’t know what to do. Our hands are tied,” said homeowner Meichelle McClellan.

The mud and debris from the flooding sent filthy water into basements, ruining furniture and leaving washing machines floating.

“My furnace, it’s gonna be at least $1,000 just to repair,” said homeowner Jermoe Minor. “We’ve done our part, and now we’re in this pattern of waiting.”

McClellan has already spent $5,000 replacing her furnace and appliances, and now neighbors say they’re getting $10,000 bills from cleanup companies that spent close to a week in each of their homes cleaning up the mess, leaving bare floors and walls behind.

“I don’t have $10,000. I’m just like everybody else. Working paycheck to paycheck,” McClellan said.

Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown said he’s aware of the problems and says it is now up to the insurance adjusters.

“They all have to decide, you know, who is at fault and how much at fault. We’re gonna let the insurance companies and attorneys figure that our for us,” Tito said.

The neighbors wish they’d hurry up.

“The temperature is going down in th 40s. We don’t have any heat in the house,” Minor said.

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