Youngstown neighbors say street is infested with rats

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A street in Youngstown is infested with rats, and people there say enough is enough.

The problem has gotten so bad on Dearborn Street that people are getting chased by rats, are scared of their children getting bitten and even their stuff getting chewed up.

One landlord is also getting involved.

“My tenants have called me complaining about rats in the house… they’re chewing up their furniture, their carpet, and they’re eating their food,” said Kathy Sankey. 

Sankey said on Wednesday, one of her tenants went down to the basement and found 10 rats. 

The City of Youngstown’s Health Department says workers have visited the house twice and successfully put down rat bait.

Tara Cioffi, Youngstown’s environmental health director, said just because you have rats, it doesn’t mean that your house is dirty.

Rats are attracted to food, water and shelter, and baiting these rats takes a couple of weeks, maybe months, depending on the severity of the infestation.

“Our specialist that goes out for these types of cases did not indicate that it was a heavy infestation,” Cioffi said. 

Sankey said the infestation has taken a toll on not only her but her tenants as well. 

“There has to be an equal medium somewhere for us to have help because I’m tired of it,” she said. 

Sankey said she has already paid more than $600 from her own pocket to pay for exterminators just for them to tell her the problem is too big and they cant do anything.

“It’s costing me a lot of money,” she said. 

Although Cioffi said health department workers have been out to the property twice, neighbors feel that the city isn’t listening to them.

“Find where the problem is coming from and put a stop to it,” Sankey said. 

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