Youngstown law director: Discussions may have violated Sunshine Laws

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There’s a disagreement as to whether Youngstown City Council violated Sunshine laws on Wednesday. 

Youngstown’s law director, Jeff Limbian, says there was a violation while a council member says there wasn’t. 

Wednesday, some members of Council and the Finance Committee discussed the temporary rotating closures of the fire stations in an effort to make up for a deficit.

Limbian said after the regularly scheduled meeting of the Finance Committee and Council meeting, there may have been discussions of Finance Committee members in violation of the Ohio Revised Code relative to additional funding of the fire department to avoid the temporary rotating closure of any of the fire stations.

He said the Ad Hoc meeting violated Ohio’s open meeting laws, and those discussions should have been made in public. 

Councilwoman Lauren McNally said there was no Ad Hoc meeting, however, and said everyone left shortly after the regular meeting ended.  

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