(WKBN) – A local podcast feels a special connection to Lowellville. It knows the students and village may be hurting so the podcast will do what it does best: talk and listen.

Isaac and Luke Schuster talk about a lot of subjects on their weekly podcast. On Sunday, the brothers will tackle the toughest one yet, the shooting at Lowellville Schools.

“We can’t imagine how these kids are doing and, you know, it’s going to be our way to just kind of talk through it as a community,” Luke said.

The Schusters are known as the MLO Bros, which stands for mortgage loan officers.

Their show is on every Tuesday and Thursday night. They also have thousands of followers on their Everything groups, which serve various communities.

Sunday at 8:30 p.m., they’ll start talking, and the Schusters want to also raise money for Lowellville.

“When they’re ready to return back to normalcy and have their prom event, we want them to know that Youngstown has their back and is willing to help them with a little bit extra,” Isaac said.

“All of us were in high school at one time and we had prom. To have it canceled, have a tragedy like that and then have it canceled, absolutely terrible,” Luke said.

The MLO Bros’ show started when they were stuck in quarantine and created the show. They are all about being local and helping local causes. The Schusters know raising money will help and they hope the talk helps too.

“We want to be able to let all kids within our community know that if an issue like this arises in their life, they can talk about it,” Isaac said.

The podcast is on the MLB Bros’ Facebook page. You can make a donation through Venmo or drop off a check at their loan office on Sheridan Road in Poland — information can be found on their Facebook page.