YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Youngstown group helped people fill their gas tanks Thursday.

A free gas giveaway at Gateway Gas Mart had cars wrapped around Market Street.

We love Youngstown gave 60 people $25 each in free gas.

Paula Lewis was one of them. She stopped while running to a doctor’s appointment.

“I’m on Social Security. Gas is high, food is high, trying to get back and forth to the doctor’s, trying to get to work, it’s like it’s outrageous,” Lewis said.

That’s why We Love Youngstown did this.

“Sixty homes who can now take that $25 they would have put in their tank and now buy groceries with it… so we’re just trying to do our part,” said community activist Jon Howell.

Howell said the customers are grateful.

“They’re giving away free gas. I said, ‘God is good,’ turned back around, and here I am, and I’m so happy,” Lewis said.

Another customer talked about how difficult these times are.

“I go to gas pumps, and I see people only put like five bucks in, and it’s really hard out here sometimes, so anything helps,” said Brandon Ortiz.

This small act of kindness goes far beyond filling up the tank.

“This is what it’s about, touching the people of Youngstown because we love Youngstown and it is a day of kindness,” Howell said.

Free gas was just one of the four acts of kindness We Love Youngstown offered Thursday.

They also gave away free coffee at The Mocha House, egg rolls at Fresh Wind Catering and groceries at Sparkle.