Youngstown Fire Chief speaks on department’s 2020 goals

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The Safety Committee meeting was held Thursday afternoon

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown Fire Chief Barry Finley spoke to the city’s Safety Committee Thursday afternoon. He shared the fire department’s statistics from 2019 as well as addressed the EMS situation.

He reported that there were 3,735 calls total.

Of them, 210 were structure fires and 396 were alarm drops at Youngstown State University.

Youngstown Fire Department Run Statistics for 2019:

  • Residential Structure Fires: 140
  • Commercial Structure Fires: 70
  • Total Structure Fires: 210
  • YSU Alarm Drops: 396
  • Total Calls: 3,735
  • Arsons (structures and vehicles): 108
  • Total Fires Average Response Time: 3:47

Chief Finley also addressed his vision for the department in the new year.

He wants all of his officers and firefighters to undergo extra training provided from the station. He says the only costs will be materials.

“These trainings and these techniques are very paramount to what we do, but we’ve gotten away from them because everybody is used to fighting fire, and we do a good job doing it, but the problem is fires are decreasing, so we need to keep our people on point,” said Finley.

He also admits that morale at the department has been low and thinks this training will help.

“Once these guys get this training, they’ll be more suited to do their job more adequately on the fire department, but they also become more marketable,” Finley said.

Next on his agenda was addressing the EMS situation in the city.

Finley says they want to start thinking about adding more ambulances with a service through the fire department.

“Four advanced life-support ambulances sound like a lot, but for a city like Youngstown, it’s not,” Finley said.

He told the committee that before the end of the year, he and his director of finance will provide a detailed report to see if an EMS service through the fire department is even possible.

He says that the report will include the start-up costs, what it will cost to maintain that service and what the projected revenue will be.

“That’s not something that happens overnight. That takes time to put all those numbers together,” Finley said.

However, he might already have the answers he needs.

In Dec. 2018, the Youngstown Professional Firefighters Union presented the city’s administration with the Youngstown Plan. It was put together by a team that focuses on EMS integration in fire-based systems.

The city chose not to use the more than 80-page report with a specific plan for the City of Youngstown.

Finley tells the committee he will do what he can to achieve the department’s 2020 goals.

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