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Youngstown councilman celebrates 10 years of business

Kingly Hand Wash and Wax is located in downtown Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) - Julius Oliver has a number of different titles. Many people know him as Youngstown's first ward councilman, but he is also the owner of Kingly Hand Wash and Wax, which is this year celebrating its 10th year in business.  

Oliver said he never doubted that the business would succeed. 

"I didn't exactly know how, but through a lot of different trial and error, and hard work and a good team, we made it," he said. 

Kingly Hand Wash and Wax is located in downtown Youngstown, on W. Front Street. It's the business's third location since its opening 10 years ago. 

"The first location was on Glenwood, right across the street from the Foster Theater. The second location was in Liberty on the corner of Goldie Road and Belmont," Oliver said. 

Since then, Oliver said business has been steady.

Oliver believes that having the business downtown has helped. 

"Having our anchor downtown as our home base in Youngstown has always been benificial for the business owners, the university, the hospital, as well as downtown employees," he said. "So, it's been a great tool and a great vessel to use to get the word out there about us."

Oliver said the business continues to expand. 

"As you may know, we just opened up our Kingly mobile service, which we had 10 years ago, but the van broke down, but we got a new one, and it's on and popping and doing great already," he said. 

He said they will use the mobile unit while eyeing locations in the Boardman area.

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