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Youngstown Council changes rules to encourage community to speak up

Youngstown residents have more time to submit a request and more time to speak

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) - In an effort to get more people involved in the running of city government, Youngstown City Council has changed its rules to make it easier for the public to speak at its meetings.

Anyone interested in addressing council must now submit a written request before noon on the Tuesday before council's regularly-scheduled Wednesday meeting.

Previously, the request had to be made one week before the meeting.

Speakers also now get three minutes, not five.

Council said the reason people can't just show up and speak is that the finance committee always meets before council's regular meeting, so the situation is not set up for a walk-in style.

There is talk of possibly moving the finance committee meeting and if that happens, there could be more flexibility for public speakers.

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