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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A candidate has been selected for the Youngstown City Schools CEO position and says he is looking forward to meeting with the community.

Krish Mohip, of Chicago, was chosen by the district’s Academic Distress Commission Tuesday morning. He has not officially accepted the job, but will go over contracts with the commission in the coming weeks.

A total of 34 people applied for the job. The five-member commission interviewed six applicants, including current Youngstown Superintendent Steve Stohla.

The Distress Commission narrowed down candidates for the school CEO position to just two people on Thursday: Mohip and Tyrone Olverson, of Cincinnati.

Academic Distress Commission Chairman Brian Benyo said Mohip’s experience in urban education helped get him the job. He currently works for Chicago City schools.

“Brought with him the experience of having served in some very difficult urban schools, and brought with him the experience of having turned around those schools and being able to speak to what were the ingredients that made that possible,” Benyo said.

Mohip was given 36 of the worst-performing schools, and turned around 24 of them in two years.

Sybil West is pleased with the Distress Commission’s choice.

“Where he was out on all ends, urban, suburban, you know, the whole nine yards and I think that’s very important to understand the children that you’re working with and be able to talk to them,” he said.

Senator Joe Schiavoni says he will be reaching out to Mohip to give him background on the situation in Youngstown.

“All the information that we compiled over the summer, so that he can see some of the things that maybe have been working, maybe haven’t been working so that he has some background.”

One woman, who wanted Mohip to be selected, is ready to see what he’s going to do to bring about change in Youngstown’s schools.

“Time for a change. We needed someone in there who will get the job done of educating our children,” she said.

When contacted Tuesday, Mohip said he was excited to be chosen and is ready to get started.

“Moving forward, I really want to just come to Youngstown and start listening and getting a good understanding of people’s thoughts and people’s fears, and just hearing from all different stakeholders.”

Mohip says that requires hearing from teachers, parents, students and nonprofits.

He says one of his main priorities is ensuring that each child has high-quality instruction every day.

“Try to uncover if that’s not happening, why it’s not happening and how we can support that…So really, I’m trying to find out what additional support that teachers need, what additional support do school leadership teams need so that they can be more effective on a daily basis.”

Mohip also plans on supporting teachers and staff.

“Providing really high-quality professional development and coaching for teachers, and supporting our principals and the leadership…helping them become instructional leaders,” he said.

Mohip will be in Youngstown next Tuesday to be officially introduced to the community.

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