A New Castle man known as the World’s Strongest Redneck appeared on the second season of ABC’s The Gong Show Thursday night.

Steve McGranahan said the experience was wonderful. He couldn’t help but be excited about his appearance on the amateur talent contest.

“I did feats of strength with one-liners of comedy,” Steve said.

On the show, he rolled a frying pan, ripped a phone book and bent a horseshoe.

One act you didn’t see on TV was Steve ripping a deck of cards in half — something he showed us when he came to WYTV’s studio.

“The idea was I got kicked out of Vegas once because I cut the deck the wrong way,” he said.

Although hesitant at first, Steve said he was kind of starstruck to meet comedy legend Mike Myers, who portrays the show’s host, Tommy Maitland.

“He was hilarious. He was actually aggravating me when the judges were giving me the score, and he was just throwing these poms at me and was like, ‘Grr, grr!’ And I was like, ‘He’s being Mike Myers, this is so funny! I’m just living the dream right now.'”

But Hollywood hasn’t gotten to Steve’s head.

“Hollywood’s always going to be Hollywood. It’s an experience, but it’s good to come home to Youngstown, New Castle and all these great places,” he said.

Unfortunately, Steve did not win the $2,000.18 prize but he still has several projects in the works.

You can watch Steve’s episode of The Gong Show when it’s posted on ABC’s website.