Workers fixing foul odor in Campbell by adding new bacteria to sewage treatment plant

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We're told residual cleaning material from Aqua Ohio's nearby water plant made its way to the facility

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – Something foul is in the air over parts of Campbell, but we’re told the problem is being corrected.

Recently, those living and working near the wastewater treatment plant on Wilson Avenue have noticed an overwhelming stench.

Some started calling Mayor Nick Phillips’ office to complain, so he went to check on the situation himself.

“It was pretty bad, I mean, it was a pretty strong odor and again, I get it. It’s a wastewater treatment plant and we understand what they treat there and OK, that can be an odor but I mean, it was beyond what anybody would have expected,” he said.

The plant is run by the county sanitary engineer’s office.

We’re told residual cleaning material from Aqua Ohio’s nearby water plant made its way to the facility, killing the live bacteria used to treat the water.

Both Aqua Ohio and the Ohio EPA were made aware of the problem and workers are trying to correct it by adding new bacteria, which should eventually get rid of the odor.

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