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There are 18 signs placed along North Turner Road

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – You can’t drive a mile these days without seeing a political sign. Now, there is some refreshing reading for drivers in Austintown.

There are 18 signs placed along North Turner Road, offering simple, one-word messages such as honor, integrity, grace, character, and other uplifting terms.

Deb Bogniard spent roughly $20 to create the signs. Her son, Alex, helped color them in, and he had a few friends help him place them in the yard during early September for drivers to see.

“I had the frontage to do it, so I just wanted people to talk and see something positive with everything that is going on,” Deb said.

Reaction from the drivers is just as short as the messages. Lots of honking and signals of approval.

“I hope it just cheers them up to have a better day,” Alex said. “I think it’s nice because a lot of people when they go by, they honk their horns.”

Deb came up with the words. It’s a no spin zone. The words are basically a description for having a better life.

“It took me a while, but I just kept going through them. I thought about what my grandparents had taught me and what they would think about things that were happening today,” Deb said.

Political candidates hope their sign is one you remember when voting. This family hopes you reflect on their signs’ messages, every day. Just maybe one of them could turn your life around.

“I think they are doing what I wanted it to do – just be a positive thing for people to talk about,” Deb said.

The signs are staying around for at least another month.

The family said they don’t have a favorite sign, they like them all equally.

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