CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – The change in nicknames from Indians to Guardians upset a Campbell woman so much that she changed her landscaping.

For the last 10 years, Mary Minniti paid tribute to the Indians with the landscaping at her house on Bright Avenue.

It was trimmed to read “Indians” and “Go Tribe” because she regularly listened to the games on the radio.

But when the name changed to Guardians, Minniti changed the landscaping to read “Indians, 1915 to 2021, RIP.”

She actually changed it last fall after the name change was announced. The spring bloom made it more colorful.

“Well, because the ‘wokesters,’ after 106 years, decided to target the Indians name, and of course the management got rid of it so I was kind of a little bit fed up last year and I was mad. So I just took the tribe out and changed a few letters around,” she said.

Minniti said she actually considered changing it to read “Guardians” but is still angry so she said she’s probably not going to.