Woman rescues baby in runaway stroller barrelling down East Liverpool hill

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"I was going to save that baby and I have no regrets of saving that baby at all," Belinda Wellington said.

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – An East Liverpool woman caught a runaway stroller over the weekend, saving the baby inside from oncoming traffic.

“I bolted off the porch and I saved the baby because there was a car coming up the street,” said Belinda Wellington, who reacted on adrenaline to save little Jason.

Wellington hadn’t met his mother, Maria Moreno, before that fateful Saturday afternoon.

The Wellingtons’ security camera captured Moreno slipping, falling and letting go of the stroller on a steep hill in the neighborhood.

Moreno said it happened really fast.

“I tripped. I don’t know how I tripped, and I was walking like I normally do and I tripped. I was down on the ground.”

The stroller went downhill to Lincoln Avenue and across a busy cross street.

Luckily, Wellington was sitting on her porch — something she rarely does anymore — while waiting on her sister.

“The stroller was gone and the lady was there. Gone. She caught it,” Moreno said.

“My sister’s boyfriend asked me if I had played football before because I looked like I was trying to tackle the stroller,” Wellington said.

Jason was not hurt and didn’t even cry. He has no idea how lucky he is.

“It’s frightening,” Moreno said. “Who knows what would have happened that day? My son could have been dead. There may have been nothing left of him. Something this cute could have been gone.”

His mom has scrapes and a bruised knee. She’s still shaken up days later.

“I am terrified to go down that hill now because who knows what’s next? No one will be around me. No one will be able to save him. I am frightened and I don’t want to go down there anymore,” Moreno said.

Wellington is just glad she was there on Saturday.

“I was going to save that baby and I have no regrets of saving that baby at all.”

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