(WKBN) – As the weather turns colder and snow starts to fly, local road crews are making sure they’re prepared to keep local roads clear.

Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginnetti says his crews are ready to handle snowy or icy conditions. He says they have plenty of salt and other materials, including some left over from last winter.

“As a result of last year’s light winter, we’re fully loaded. All of our districts, our salt domes are at max capacity. We even have a little extra in some temporary storage facilities, so we’re in really good shape,” he said.

Ginnetti says motorists need to remember that road conditions can change quickly, so they need to be ready to slow down.

“Especially the first time it starts cooling down, it seems like a lot of people forget that the roads are gonna get slippery. You just gotta slow it down, give a little extra space and be cautious because you’re gonna have areas that are slippery that you don’t realize until you’re sliding,” he said.

Ginnetti also urges people to give road crews plenty of room to operate when the weather does get bad. He says to avoid following salt trucks and snow plows too closely.