HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – With milder temperatures, those who suffer from allergies are noticing spring is definitely here. So, we spoke to a local doctor who has advice to help ease their symptoms.

With the seasons changing and more people spending time outside, those who suffer from seasonal allergies are starting to feel the effects.

Blooming daffodils, budding trees and grass — they’re sure signs of spring but also a root cause for seasonal allergies.

Hedi Lohr has allergies pretty much year-round.

“Pollen gets me. Spring, spring is probably the worst,” she said.

Lohr says trees and grass affect her the most but even so, she still loves spending time outdoors even if it comes with some symptoms.

“In the spring, like now, I have kind of a headache and runny nose, itchy eyes,” Lohr said.

“People are outside more. It’s getting nicer so a lot of that exposure does lead to a lot of those upper respiratory symptoms,” said Dr. Angela Roberts, a family medicine physician with Steward Medical Group.

Dr. Roberts says taking an over-the-counter antihistamine as needed can help with minimal side effects, but she offers other advice to minimize the symptoms.

“The most important thing is if you do suffer from allergies when you come inside, wash your hands, take a shower before you go to bed at night, all that stuff so it doesn’t stay on your body and make the rest of the day worse,” she said.

Dr. Roberts says if your allergy symptoms persist, make an appointment with your doctor.