With Gov. DeWine’s support, Valley fair organizers plan to put on full fairs this year

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Because everyone seems anxious to get outside, fair organizers expect a big turnout this year

(WKBN) – Last Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made the announcement that county fairs are good to go. Locally, fair organizers are planning to make those summer traditions happen this year.

“We’re looking forward to having a full fair,” said John Wolf, with the Columbiana County Fair.

“Right now, we’re expecting a full fair,” said Bud Rodgers, with the Trumbull County Fair.

“Well, as of right now, we are going with, I guess, a quote/unquote ‘full fair,'” said George Roman, with the Canfield Fair.

Which will look like something we were used to seeing in 2019 — food, rides, games, animals and more.

“We need grandstand entertainment. Without grandstand entertainment, it’s not a full fair, in my opinion,” Roman said.

All three fairs are planning for those. But we are still months away from any of them taking place and COVID-19 is still controlling parts of our lives.

“Right now, we plan on some restrictions. We have our signage already ordered,” Rodgers said. “As the restrictions come in, we’ll try to meet with them and try to do the best that we can and keep everything rolling as a full fair.”

“We’re not making any radical changes until we can get closer to the fair. It’s easier to back off a little bit, we feel, than it is to try and prepare everything at the last minute,” Wolf said.

Back in 2019, both the Columbiana County and Trumbull County fairs had about 50,000 people attend. The Canfield Fair had over 300,000 people. It wouldn’t be a shock if all three saw more.

“Everyone’s anxious that we’ve talked to. They’re all holding their breath and saying, ‘Please have the fair,'” Roman said.

“I think everybody’s tired of sitting around and waiting for the COVID to leave. When COVID is gone, I think the fair is going to go as usual,” Rodgers said.

“People are anxious to get out and get involved. I think it’s going to be a good year,” Wolf said.

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