Wildlife experts caution pet owners to be cautious as coyotes are more active

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Coyotes will be more vocal for the next two months

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – If you live near the woods, you may start hearing the call of the wild soon.

Coyotes will be more vocal for the next two months. They’re looking for mates or they may be working to strengthen their territorial boundaries. That also means they’re more active and on the move.

If left outside, your dog may chase a coyote or the coyote may approach the dog thinking it’s a threat to their space.

“It depends on the domestic dog, but in most cases, the coyote will either run away because it doesn’t want to get into a predicament with what it perceives to be a threat, or it might stand its ground,” said Jamey Emmert, wildlife specialist with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

What to Do if a Coyote is in Your Backyard:

  • Understand that coyotes are common throughout Ohio’s 88 counties in both rural and urban settings. There are no wild wolves living in Ohio.
  • Identify that the canine is truly a coyote and not a stray dog. If you determine the animal is a stray dog, contact your county dog warden.
  • If you do have a coyote on your property, remove all “attractants” to possibly deter the coyote from returning. This includes removing garbage and pet food before nightfall and cleaning up around the grill. Coyotes prey primarily on small mammals, such as rabbits and mice. Small pets may also be taken. Keep small dogs and cats inside. Coyotes are curious, but generally fearful of humans. Clap your hands and shout in a stern voice to scare off coyotes that are investigating your yard.
  • If the coyote visiting your yard seems to lack a fear of humans or is presenting a conflict even after removing attractants from your yard, contact a nuisance trapper. Coyotes in rural areas can be controlled through legal hunting and trapping methods. See the Hunting & Trapping Regulations for more information.

ODNR suggests keeping cats indoors instead of letting them wander off. In addition to coyotes, great horned owls are a threat as well.

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