When summer gets hot, Boardman family makes lemonade

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When summer hands you lemons, sell lemonade.

It can be a good summer business for kids, and the model isn’t that hard to copy. 

The Prozy family had a lemonade stand Friday on the corner of Arlene Avenue and Southern Boulevard.

Southern Boulevard gets a lot of traffic, and the Prozy children realize it.

Their dad is a union carpenter and built them a lemonade stand. The idea came from other family members.

“Well, it kinda came from our cousins because they started doing the lemonade stand, and they did really good,” said Abreona Prozy. “They made $200 and paid their mom’s cable bill and stuff.” 

The Prozys have seven kids. 

Last Friday, their money-making idea made $80 in just a couple hours.

“It’s hot, but it still makes a lot of business ’cause people are thirsty,” said Juliette Prozy.

The children’s mother said the stand teaches them about money and being responsible.

One of their customers agrees that it’s a teaching tool.

“To see kids out here, trying to make a buck and be little entrepreneurs is a good thing,” said Dan DeSalvo. “I always had a lemonade stand, so why not? You gotta support kids doing these things. They’re going to grow up someday.” 

While they’re learning a lesson, they’re also having fun, too. 

“I’m trying to save up, buy me a PlayStation card for my game. It’s fun when you have people stop. Just watching the cars go by, it’s kind of frustrating. You just have to be patient,” said Paul Prozy.

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