‘We’re quite disappointed’: Phantom Fireworks react to Gov. DeWine vetoing fireworks legalization bill

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(WYTV) – This afternoon, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine vetoed a bill that would have legalized commercial fireworks.

Phantom Fireworks reacted to DeWine’s decision Friday and shared their hopes for the future.

“Immediately, we’re quite disappointed,” said Dan Peart, Director of Government Affairs at Phantom Fireworks.

Peart was left puzzled and frustrated after DeWine vetoed a bill that would have legalized commercial fireworks.

“This is something that we’ve worked on for years now. This is something that had overwhelming majority in both chambers of legislature. This is something that is overwhelmingly supported by most Ohioans across the entire state,” Peart said.

Senate Bill 113 passed both the House and Senate in June.

The bill would have let people across Ohio own and set off fireworks on specific holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and New Year’s Eve.

DeWine said he was concerned about the additional days fireworks would be allowed.

“It creates 25 separate holidays in the state of Ohio where fireworks can be set off 24 hours a day. Anytime of day, they can be set off,” DeWine said.

“We think that it’s an illogical act,” Peart said.

DeWine was also concerned about a part in the bill allowing for the expansion of fireworks showrooms.

“It does not provide the safety needed where fireworks are actually sold. It doubles the size of a fireworks location from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet, yet does not have the safety precautions that two separate studies that have been indicate should in fact be done,” DeWine said.

Peart says the veto doesn’t even give them the chance to try to make things work.

“To prohibit us from delivering those types of safety messages to the customer and how to properly use fireworks, which we can’t do right now because fireworks are illegal, doesn’t make sense,” Peart said.

Peart hopes someone steps in to help change the governor’s decision.

“The legislative process that we’ve got would allow the legislature to do a veto override and I don’t know if this is a topic that they will do that for,” Peart said.

“There’s a bill to be had out there that I can sign, but this unfortunately is not the bill,” DeWine said.

33 News also reached out to Ohio Senator Michael Rulli for a comment, but we weren’t able to get one from him due to a scheduling conflict.

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