LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – An employee working the Wendy’s drive-thru on Belmont Avenue said a customer spit on her.

According to the police report, the employee was working the drive-thru Saturday at about 10 p.m. when a man attempted to place an order at the speaker.

The employee told the man to hold on while she worked to fill a previous customer’s order and then took her headset off so that she could talk to other employees.

The man then pulled ahead and tried to order at the window, but the employee told him he could not because other orders were ahead of his and that he would have to get back in line.

The employee said the man said, “I am a f****** nurse” and that he was on his lunch break and didn’t have time to sit in line.

The employee reiterated that she could not take his order at the window and the man spit on her, the report stated.

Surveillance video of the incident is being sought by Wendy’s. A report was filed.