CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – During a Canfield School Board meeting Wednesday night, several members of the community stood up and expressed their frustration with how it handled a recent threat.

In September, police said a middle schooler threatened to shoot a fellow classmate.

Police said Superintendent Alex Geordan downplayed the situation to parents. Investigators also claim he deceived police with several “inconsistencies in his statements.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, Geordan told everyone the safety of the district’s students and staff members is his priority.

Shortly after the threat, Canfield Village Middle School Assistant Principal Michael Flood was suspended for two days.

Superintendent Alex Geordan said Flood failed “to adequately investigate an inappropriate and threatening verbal altercation.”

Geordan said Flood should have told the school resource officer about the threat right away and the fact that he didn’t showed Flood made “an error in judgment.”

After an investigation into how the situation was handled, police said Geordan was the one who didn’t take the threat seriously.

School Board President David Wilkeson said the situation was a “major f*** up” and that “you can’t spin things in public like that,” according to a police report.