WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – An old theater built in the 1920s has been sitting vacant in downtown Warren since the mid-1970s, but now, a local group wants to make it a main attraction once again.

If you didn’t know the Robins Theatre was there, you might walk right past it on Market Street — many who live in Warren have probably never even seen what’s inside.

“One thing about the Robins is there isn’t a bad seat in the house,” said Jimmy DiCenso.

DiCenso and Bob Felix are with the Downtown Development Group, which is currently renovating 11 buildings in Trumbull County.

They say the Robins Theatre is something special.

“Everyday, the theater seems to talk to us,” Felix said.

“It’s Indiana Jones in 2020, if you will,” DiCenso said.

They recently found vintage glass soda bottles at least 40 years old with “Warren, Ohio” engraved on the bottom.

The Robins Theatre used to have 1,100 seats on the floor and another 400 upstairs, but currently, there are no seats. They’ve all been removed and are being restored.

The Downtown Development Group says they want to bring the feel of the 1920s into 2018.

“We need to be people again — getting out and socializing and coming to a movie theater with 1,500 other people just to experience that experience like our fathers and grandfathers,” Felix said.

DiCenso and Felix hope to reopen the theater in 2020.