LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – A local winery has been selling its wine in Walmart stores since 2017. Now, L’uva Bella Winery owners are sharing their expansion plans.

Marisa Sergi, chief growth officer at L’uva Bella, made a deal with Walmart to sell their homemade wines. It all stemmed from a pledge that Walmart made in 2013 to spend $250 billion over 10 years on products made, grown or assembled in the U.S. L’uva Bella got the approval through the Open Call program.

“Being able to see Redhead red blend on the shelf at the time was just an accomplishment because Walmart is such a large business,” Sergi said. ” We are now found in over nine states and thousands of locations. It’s really a great opportunity to reflect on that growth.”

L’uva Bella started at 20 stores within the area and their wines can now be found in 750 Walmart Stores.

Local Walmart operators, members of the Ohio Legislature, and representatives from state and local businesses gathered at the Winery Tuesday for a tour.

“As long as the demand is there and as long as the customer wants us to expand, that’s what we will do. Our job and goal is to deliver for the customer,” said Adonis Clark, Walmart regional manager.

L’uva Bella is currently producing over 100,000 cases of wine per year. That puts them in the top 20% of wineries in the U.S., but L’uva Bella doesn’t plan to stop there.

“We’ve also been able to support the growth with additional infrastructure, so adding more tanks and capacity and throughput has been able to help us prepare to grow beyond Ohio,” Sergi said.

Thanks to all the loyal retail partners L’uva Bella is on track to produce over 300,000 cases of wine per year in the next two to five years.