NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) – Tempers flared and people walked out of a Newton Falls council meeting on Monday, where the date was set for a recall election involving the 4th Ward council member.

A complaint was filed earlier in March regarding councilperson Sandra Breymaier, saying her actions during a meeting were unprofessional. The complaint was rejected by a vote of 3-2 and Breymaier was not disciplined.

Residents of the city then submitted a petition for Breymaier’s recall.

Council was voting Monday on whether to hold the election in May 2022 or next month.

Richard Kerlin, among others, spoke at the meeting, saying charter rules are not being followed and the election should be held as soon as possible.

“An election needs to be taken immediately for the residents of the 4th Ward,” Kerlin said.

Other residents who spoke at the meeting said a recall election should be scheduled within 90 days of the petition submission. However, an anonymous motion was submitted to consider a May 2022 election.

Other residents said that council is “ignoring” the will of the people.

Tempers got heated between council members, the mayor and the people in attendance.

“We think someone said something and we are going to recall them? I think that sets a bad precedent for our village,” said councilman Tarry Alberini.

Mayor Kenneth Kline would not allow Breymaier to vote on the matter, stating ethics guidelines.

“It’s my meeting. She is not voting tonight,” Kline said.

Council members Adam Zimmerman and Tarry Albernini and Bryemaier walked out of the meeting. along with the city manager.

Kline had Law Director Joe Fritz removed.

Kline then took a roll call vote for the May 2022 election, which failed, noting that Zimmerman and Alberini’s vote would be recorded as abstaining.

The two council persons left, John Baryak and Tesa Spletzer, voted no on the May 2022 date.

Mayor Kline then took a vote, and the two council members in attendance and the mayor voted yes to hold the special recall election on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Later, Mayor Kline said that the vote for the election recall date is not about Breymaier’s guilt or innocence and that those who submitted the petitions “did it by the book.”

“It’s up to the voters,” Kline said.