CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Voters in Campbell will decide whether or not the city’s charter should be amended with new language covering potential vacancies in the city law department.

The law director is an elected position, but should there be a vacancy in the office, the mayor is currently permitted to appoint an attorney living in Campbell to fill the spot.

Under a proposed amendment, a lawyer living outside the city could be appointed, providing they have at least three years’ experience practicing in Ohio. The change would also give city council the power to approve or reject the mayor’s decision.

“If there was somebody who was appointed, nominated by the mayor to be director of law, council-approved, and then all of a sudden, the mayor didn’t like the opinion that was expressed by the law director, he or she could not be shoved out the door. Council would have to give their approval,” Campell Law Director Brian Macala said.

If approved, the proposed amendment would take effect in 2025.