YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Sounds of construction rang through Youngstown’s West Side Friday, all for a good cause.

Crews helped a struggling veteran Mike Hogan with home repairs.

“Without them, I wouldn’t have a house left,” Hogan said.

Hogan watched as Cover Pro Construction crews replaced his leaky roof. The Navy veteran has been struggling with repairs on his Russell Avenue home as he battles stage-four cancer.

“For a lot of years, I’ve been kind of struggling to get by. Fortunately for me, the veterans are here to help me,” Hogan said. “It was like my house was falling in around me. I was waiting for the house to burn down. My power was going out. One ceiling fan after another falling in.”

For the past five years, rain has been pouring into Hogan’s house every time it rains.

“It’s pretty rough. There are some bad spots. There is definitely the back side of the house that needs a lot of work. The singles were due,” said Steve Olin, with Cover Pro Construction.

Friday, everything changed. All thanks to a $2,000 donation by Lexi and Toni Brant to Veterans’ Outreach. The Brants raised the money in honor of their brother Neil, a veteran who struggled with PTSD and died by suicide. Their mom, Paula, says she’s so grateful they can help another local veteran.

“It’s a heartfelt honor. We are so proud that the money just stays in the community. We’re grateful that we get to do this for veterans because that’s really the heart of it all,” said Lexi and Paula Brandt.

Veterans’ Outreach Vice President Bob Julian says they’ve helped Hogan with a number of bills over the years. He says there were some barriers to getting Hogan help with his home through other means.

“He doesn’t qualify for anything because he was still being on his taxes. So, through it all, it was so many county programs that can put a roof on, but he didn’t qualify for anything, and this was a godsend to him,” Julian said.

Along with the Brants’ donation, Banner Supply donated supplies and Cover Pro helped out with labor to get a new roof on Hogan’s house in just one day.