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VIENNA, Ohio (WYTV) – Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is winding down, holiday travel will continue to keep up.

To keep things running smooth, folks at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport will look out for your safety even more during the next few weeks.

“Security is somewhat increased. Especially if there’s additional frequency of our destinations,” Western Reserve Port Authority Aviation Director Dan Dickten said. “Then of course, there’s more police in here. More on a daily basis than normal.”

The Vienna Police Department also assists the airport during the holiday rush.

“The Vienna Police Department provides the law enforcement support service for the airport,” Dickten said. “They work with TSA. We have a full TSA contingency here that does both passenger screening and baggage screening prior to going onto the aircraft.”

Dickten suggests passengers take their time when they arrive at the airport.

“I would tell them to be patient. Because there are lines at the ticket counter and at the TSA checkpoint,” Dickten said.

Dickten also says flying out of Youngstown helps the local economy at the same time.

“Keeping the money in the Valley here, keeping the proceeds here is a good thing of course. We appreciate that patronage very much,” Dickten said.

If you’re still trying to decide where to fly out of, Dickten says there’s the convenience in avoiding large parking fees compared to other airports in the region.

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