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This was the fourth house this happened to in the area

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. (WYTV) – There was a shocking wake-up call for several people in Lawrence County over the weekend.

Security cameras caught a deer leaving a New Wilmington home after it had just crashed through a window Saturday afternoon.

It happened on a quiet cobblestone road near Westminster College.

Six-year-old Annabella Keeney said the animal came smashing through the picture window of her grandmother’s house. As the deer ran back out, she ran upstairs.

“It put its hooves right here. I said a deer came through the window and it broke all the glass,” she said.

Just moments before, another deer ran out of Jackie Janes’ house just two doors away, the whole thing was caught on her doorbell camera.

“The first door is a storm door that is made of glass, so it shattered that door and then it came through the steel door that was shut, and it came flying in,” Janes said.

It turns out that six deer raced through three or four blocks in the area, breaking windows and doors on three homes and denting the garage door of a fourth.

George Endrizzi looked out as one of them crashed through Jackie’s front door across the street.

“When I was out talking to her, our other neighbor was saying that a deer ran through his front door as well,” Endrizzi said.

As the animal ran from Janes’ porch, a piece of antler was left behind. Endrizzi said more were left next to his garage door, which had several dents in it.

“I ran around to the back and saw where the deer hit here. They left like three horns behind,” Endrizzi said.

As the neighbors clean up the mess, amazingly, no people or animals were hurt. It all just happened so quickly.

“I used to live in the country and we saw them all the time, but I have never seen them in town,” Janes said.

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