(WYTV) – Have you found on tick on you or your pet? With the heat and humidity and people getting out of the house more often, it doesn’t come as a surprise to experts.

As of August 13, the Ohio Department of Health has reported 124 human cases of lyme disease in the state.

There is one reported case in Mahoning County, three in Trumbull county and nine in Columbiana county.

While it’s important to check for ticks on you, it’s also important to do the same for your pet.

Veterinarian Leigh Hofmeister says she’s noticed a raise in lyme disease in smaller dogs because many owners are taking them out more due to be home more.

“Ticks can be more challenging they like to hide behind the ears, in between their toes and under their feet that’s a great place to find the, but ticks are hard to see even on a blank canvas. So like a white sheet of paper some of these ticks are the size of a poppy seed,” said Dr. Hofmeister.

Hofmeister says that checking your pet regularly for ticks, but also making sure they’re routinely on a tick preventative.

Hofmeister says that lyme disease in your pet can show non-specific signs. She says some of these symptoms could include tiredness, lack of appetite or they could be walking with a limp.

She warns that lyme disease in dogs can be fatal if not treated in time.

“Treating them early. They can fight it and they can beat it. Not using a preventative really puts them at risk and puts their health at risk and people who are living with these dogs are also at risk if they’re dogs are getting lyme disease and they’re exposed to the ticks that transmit lyme disease too,” said Dr. Hofmeister.

She also says that if you’re concerned that your dog may have lyme disease, to not be afraid to go to your veterinarian. Like any essential business right now, veterinarians are complying with state regulations to keep people safe during the pandemic.