CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s a special weekend at White House Fruit Farm in Canfield.

Hundreds of people visited White House Saturday looking for old favorites and to try something new.

“The 422 Cafe and stuff, I’ve never been there but now I tried their hot peppers, so now I’m going to go there. It’s nice, it’s a good way to get the community together,” said visitor Cody Nevel.

Local vendors set up sample tables to show off their wares.

It’s the 14th year White House has hosted this special event.

White House owner Debbie Pifer says people are able to sample local products, like milk, tea, sauces and meats.

“It’s a great time for people to come out and try things maybe they haven’t tried before,” she said.

Ryan Florio set up his local tea and kombucha stand, Inca Tea, hoping to lure in a few new customers.

“It’s nice to have people try things they’ve never had before and kombucha is not a really well-known type of product. When you say kombucha people maybe think you are swearing at them or maybe saying something derogatory,” he said.

Pifer says showcasing local foods helps the local economy.

“Food is fresher right off the tree, right off the vine, right off the bush. People like to support local. All that money stays in the local and of course, it’s fun to come to a farmer’s market or a farm market. There’s lots of cool and interesting things,” Pifer said.

The farm is famous for its donuts, especially the blueberry flavor. This weekend, White House’s donut team will also be sampling new flavors.

The special event picks back up at noon Sunday.