BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Recently, our news team looked into the housing market. We found that home sales are down across the United States. However, here in the Valley, it’s looking a little different.

Rising interest rates could keep people away from buying a new home. However, Mahoning County has seen a rise in sales.

“I don’t think the market is slowing down. Interest rates are not scaring people,” said Samantha Aldish, a real estate agent and the treasurer of the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors.

Aldish says that despite home sales being down, the Valley is doing well.

According to, Mahoning County has seen a rise in sold houses since last year. There has been a 3.9 percent increase in sales and Aldish believes she knows why.

“The affordability, even though we think those values are high. We are one of the cheapest places to live,” she said.

Aldish says that placement is everything. Taxes are also a huge factor for homebuyers.

“We’re right next to PA, you know, Mahoning and Columbiana County both. So a lot of people are coming over from PA for cheaper taxes. Then Columbiana County also being on the West Virginia border, you’ve got people coming from there. We’re just an exception to the rest of the market,” she said.

Aldish says that while sales are up in Mahoning County, it may take a little longer to sell compared to 2021.

“Houses are staying on maybe 14 to 20 days, where before they were selling overnight,” she said.

Aldish says that the condition of the home could impact the amount of time it’s on the market.

“If your home is move-in ready, top notch, fresh coat of paint. Things like that. The house is still selling in one to two days,” she said.

Aldish says that interest rates are creeping up. However, she thinks people will continue to buy homes.