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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A recently released survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that vaccine mandates are not a big motivator for people to get vaccinated and that there is growing concern over booster shots and the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the survey, discussions of boosters shots are generally positive for those vaccinated but not so much for those who are not. At least 54% of vaccinated people say the information they have seen about boosters has been helpful than find it confusing (35%) but among the unvaccinated, almost twice as many find the information confusing as find it helpful (45% to 24%).

Most unvaccinated see the booster shots as a sign that the vaccine is not working as well as intended while the vaccinated see it as a sign that scientists are working on ways to make it better.

A divide develops when it comes to booster shots for the currently vaccinated. Most say they would get it if recommended by the CDC and FDA for their group, however, vaccinated Republicans are less inclined, according to the survey.

When it comes to vaccine mandates, most are in favor of them for teachers, health care workers, college students and government employees but that wanes when it comes to K-12 students and private businesses. About 6 in 10 people (58%) support the mandate on larger employers requiring vaccines or weekly testing, and nearly 8 in 10 support paid time off for workers to get vaccinated and recover from side effects.

While the national vaccine mandate for businesses that employ more than 100 workers is still being sorted out, about a third of unvaccinated people said they would likely get vaccinated if their employer mandated it and two-thirds said it is unlikely that they would.

One thing pretty much everyone agreed on was that COVID-19 is not going away and is something everyone is going to be dealing with for years to come and will be managed much like the seasonal flu. Most do not think that COVID-19 will be completely eliminated.

According to the survey, over 7 in 10 adults report being vaccinated for COVID-19. The largest surge between July and September has been among younger adults.

The biggest motivator for getting the vaccine, according to the survey, includes knowing someone who had COVID-19 and got seriously ill, reports of the Delta variant and reported increases in hospitalizations.

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