EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) — U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg says he has not forgotten East Palestine even months after the train derailment.

On Tuesday, First News had a chance to get his views on President Joe Biden’s budget proposal. Buttigieg says it calls for safety enhancements in all modes of transportation.

As for railroads, the budget would fund further research, as well as ensure there are enough employees to properly conduct inspections across the country.

Buttigieg says the House GOP budget proposal would cut critical programs by 22% in any areas that aren’t defense spending.

“Too often, what happens is, you have a terrible situation — a crash, a tragedy, a disaster — everyone gets focused on it for a moment, and then the cameras move away and the story moves on, and you don’t get the kind of reforms that are needed,” Buttigieg said. “That’s why I would say now is actually the time to be keeping the heat on, as Congress considers these bills that would make a big difference.”

Buttigieg says he is in contact with people he met during his visit to East Palestine, and he plans to return in the future.