YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Two years ago on August 18, a young girl from Youngstown was killed in a shooting at her house on the city’s South Side. Three other people were wounded in the shooting. Friday night, a special event was held to remember 10-year-old Persayus Davis-May.

Friends and family joined together for a balloon release in front of Persayus’ home on Samuel Avenue.

Aaliyah Pierce-May is Persayus’ older sister. She said that despite the challenges of the day, she is trying to remain in good spirits.

“A little emotional, but I gotta be like… keep positive thoughts. She would want me to be happy. She wouldn’t want me to be sad,” Aaliyah said.

Aaliyah said she was there when her sister was shot.

“I miss her so much. I was here when it happened. We were actually on the way to bed. She was walking up the steps. I was here when it happened. I feel bad because I couldn’t save her,” she said.

Aaliyah says support from the community has been deeply appreciated.

In the crowd handing out balloons was Million Perry Phifer. He runs the Persayus Way Project. His organization helps to memorialize the lives of children cut short by gun violence and beautify the city. Right now, he’s working on putting a memorial park on Samuel Avenue.

“That is where the actual park is going to sit. We’re going to landscape it first, get it up to… make it look nice. Take care of the blight. We’re going to have people come in and do their studies for the park,” he said.

Phifer wanted to thank 1st Ward Councilman Julius Oliver for helping his non-profit.