Tuesday night storm leaves big mess for some Fowler residents to clean up

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FOWLER, Ohio (WKBN) – Some strong storms moved through the Valley Tuesday night. The following day, some people are cleaning up the damage left behind.

The National Weather Service confirmed a downdraft hit Fowler, with winds over 70 mph.

Winds whirling, trees twisting and branches breaking in Fowler. A storm came through and left quite an impression, one Chad Greathouse experienced but wasn’t expecting.

“It startled me because I was sleeping. I work midnights, so I jumped out of my skin, what’s going on? Then I seen all the lights flickering and my fan went off,” he said.

The strong wind had a big effect on some tall trees, toppling a few over 50-feet high. Some tall root systems were even exposed along Youngstown-Kingsville Road. The wind was strongly whipping at the height of the storm.

“My dad says he was sitting out in his truck out here and it moved the truck around on him. So it must’ve been quite a wind,” said Eric Dahman.

It was raining so hard, he could barely see anything. A tall tree fell onto the Dahman house. It tore up the eaves and gutter, but the roof stood strong, which was a plus for the Dahmans.

On Wednesday, Dahman was using an excavator to take the tree to a different portion of the property.

“That’s a sturdy old house that’s been here a lot longer than any of us but I was happy we got the tree off without any major problems,” he said.

Dahman is a farmer too. The storm brought some much-needed moisture for his corn and soybean crops. He just never imagined that the storm would lead to so much work away from the fields.

It took about an hour to haul the tree away. It will eventually go to the back of the property. Dahman knows it could’ve been worse, but the tree had been a big part of the family house.

“Well, it was nice shade out there but we’ll live without it,” he said.

This location in Fowler was just a couple miles south of the town center, where a couple of years ago, a tornado came through. It touched down mainly in the middle of some woods and had just damaged trees then too.

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