BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Boardman trustees meeting regarding a plan for condos erupted into frustration Monday night.

Nothing has happened with the 70 acres at Tippecanoe and Leffingwell roads since the Boardman Planning and Zoning Commission shot down Universal Development’s proposal to build a housing development last month.

After getting the recommendation from Boardman Zoning, Boardman trustees were set to make their decision, until a representative with Universal Development asked for a continuance because their lawyers and engineers weren’t available.

“Having previously scheduled commitments on this date, we do not have the necessary representatives to provide a full, detailed presentation,” said Barbara Leali with Universal Development.

After some debate, trustees Tom Costello, Brad Calhoun and Larry Moliterno granted the continuance and adjourned the meeting to the dismay of over 30 attendees who wanted to voice their concerns with the property.

Attendee Jason Smith said he feels the development group was unprepared.

“We’re ready to discuss our situation but they weren’t. It’s just, you know, the trustees let this happen. They should’ve made them plea their case today,” Smith said.

Though the trustees weren’t required to grant the continuance, they said forcing the hearing would have left them with questions preventing them from making a decision on the property.

“We weren’t going to be able to ask the important questions that we needed to ask of them and we decided to grant the extension to make sure we can do this process in a way that’s fair,” Moliterno said.

The trustees will work with the development company to make sure representatives will be present at the next meeting. If the trustees vote against the zoning change, the decision could still go to court.