Trumbull County police department considers new, painless way to restrain suspects

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This device will allow police officers to secure a suspect from 10 to 25 feet away

VIENNA, Ohio (WYTV) – As the debate over police use of force continues, one department in Trumbull County is exploring other options.

The Vienna Police Department hosted nine other departments for a BolaWrap demonstration Thursday. The BolaWrap is a remote restraint device used to help secure someone in a way that won’t hurt them from 10 to 25 feet away.

“The time is now,” said Donald De Lucca, with Wrap Technologies. “The optics of what law enforcement does and how we handle situations is really important, so it’s another tool that you can use before you use anything with pain compliance.”

The device sounds like a gun, but shoots out an eight-foot rope with four-pronged hooks on both ends that’ll wrap around someone’s arms or legs.

“After I saw the demonstration, I definitely believe this is definitely a tool for the toolbox for police officers,” said Vienna Police Chief Bob Ludt.

Wrap Technologies says BolaWrap is currently used by 150 agencies in the United States and in 40 countries abroad.

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