(WYTV) – A new grant cycle is underway for The Raymond John Wean Foundation.

The Trumbull County based organization is working to support neighborhood groups in their efforts to keep communities moving forward in Youngstown and Warren through Neighborhood Success Grants.

“Groups and neighborhood organizations are able to receive grants from $500 through $5,000 to address resident-led projects,” said Tara Walker-Pollock, who works for The Raymond John Wean Foundation.

Walker-Pollock says the most promising projects take in mind what her organization calls the “resident identified priorities.”

“That’s from race equity and inclusion to blight remediation and housing conditions, neighborhood safety, youth employment, training and recreation, food security, digital inclusion. There’s a number of resident priorities,” Walker-Pollock said.

Grassroots groups or residential-led projects can range from a neighborhood group to a small nonprofit.

“They are directly responsive to the needs and wishes of the people that are involved in that neighborhood. They may have little or no paid staff. They can be more formal with a board, but it could just be a group of a couple residents,” Walker-Pollock said.

The grant is in its 11th year and keeps making a big impact.

“One organization that comes to mind that is a grantee of ours is the Inspiring Minds organization,” Walker-Pollock said.

Walker-Pollock says she’s impressed by the groups that have benefited from this grant.

“I just applaud the work that folks are doing, Neighborhood Success was around or not, they would still be pursuing the work to create the vision they see for their neighborhoods,” Walker-Pollock said.

Visit The Raymond John Wean Foundation’s website to learn more about the Neighborhood Success Grants and their qualifications.