TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – It is almost officially fair time in Trumbull County.

The Trumbull County Fair kicks off on Tuesday.

“We have a new tuff truck competition coming Tuesday night, you can enter your truck for $25,” says the Trumbull County Fair Director Toni Dunbar.

There is also a new parakeet exhibit this year which is interactive. All you have to do is buy a stick of food, walk right in and the parakeets will eat it right off of you. This is the first time the exhibit has been to Ohio.

The owner says the reactions never get old.

“We have people who are terrified of birds, who scream and holler and jump up and down, and sometimes I have to calm them down. I’m very particular about my birds, I take care of my birds. They’re my friends. They’re my family so I don’t allow any type of abuse whatsoever,” said Beckie Meress with Pretty Bird Paradise. “It’s an experience that’s unbelievable. People who are terrified of birds will calm down. People who are anxious and afraid of birds, it’s their opportunity to interact and find out birds won’t hurt you.”

There is so much to do and see this year and the forecast is looking great for it.

Admission on Tuesday will be $2, $10 if you want to go on rides. It will be $12 Wednesday through Sunday, which includes all rides and the grandstand.

A big part of the Trumbull County Fair is the 4H program.

“We wash our animals, prepare them…that’s a year-long project…we take them to some pre-shows…it’s just a big project,” said Trevor Mendenhall, a 16-year-old who’s been involved in the Trumbull County 4H program since he was nine.

“It’s always a good time, I always enjoy the people I’m around in the Trumbull County Fair,” Mendenhall continued.

For more information, you can visit the Trumbull County Fair website.